Chef Joy

 Chef Joy is The Kitchen Magician at Flava -

Nawlins Flava Supper Club 

Special Event - Dinner, Cocktails & Bourbon St Balcony                            

 Dare to experience Chef Joy's flavors.  They are magic


Magic in your mouth, healing for your mind, body and soul!




Unlimited Joy, Inc. presents its' Supper Club Event:


from Mama Joy's Little New Orleans Kitchen 

Experience the Magical flavors by

Chef Joy


      AKA The Kitchen Magician!                       She's at it again!                

(The former Chef/Owner of the Psychic Cafe, Sisterhood House,   & Nawlins Flava Cafe, and author ) 

You definitely don't want to miss this culinary experience!

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This evening will be an amazing experience where you will be served Chef's special prix fixe menu.  She can Tantalize your tastebuds, satisfy your cravings, balance your metabolism, fill your belly, and if you're nice, Dr. Joy may even read your palm, which is something she is also very well known for-Spiritual Counseling & Holistic Healing.  

Be sure to get your tickets early.

Seating is limited....


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This event takes place on

NOV. 26, 2020

    6:00PM - 6 course Prix Fixe Meal $85 per person      consisting of: 1st - appetizer,

2nd - soup & bread service,

3rd - salad,

4th - seafood pasta,

5th - Entree,

    and 6th - dessert  


Embark on a extraordinary Prix Fixe Dinner menu in New Orleans


Unlimited Joy, Inc supports the homeless, indigent, and the youth who desire to express themselves creatively; and aspire for visibility and greatness in the Arts through their visual art, photography, music, writing, culinary arts, acting, etc..  50% of our proceeds will be donated to foster the creation and furtherance of that endeavor. 


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Vegans/Vegetarians can be accommodated if notice is given along with your reservation.



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By signing up, you understand and agree to hold everyone harmless that is connected with this event, including the owners of the space selected, Unlimited Joy, Inc, Chef Joy Spaulding, her staff and anyone else associated with this event.  You will attend this event at your own risk to body, property, and all else.  Sorry, but we cannot refund cancellations, but you may gift or sell your ticket to someone else.  Please bring your online reservation receipt.

Reserve your seat at our online store.  All reservations must be paid in advance.      

For questions or more information call (504) 298-3111




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